IV-11 VFD tube clock



IV-11 VFD tube clock

This is a new, fully assembled, high quality “VFD Tube” clock, handmade in the UK.
Uses BIG vintage New Old Stock IV-11 Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) Tubes ……NOT to be confused with modern LED displays in a glass envelope as seen on some modern replicas.
VFD tubes pre-date LED and LCD displays and have a “space age” look about them and have a beautiful blue / green glow.
The elegant, slim case was professionally manufactured from high gloss, almost mirror, black acrylic (plexi, perspex) with rounded corners. The perforated aluminium along the front beautifully complements the display tubes.
The clock is fully tested, assembled and accurate to within a second or two a week.
3 switches on the back select 12 or 24 hour modes and set the time.
Another switch turns the LED lights under the VFD tubes off or on and then scrolls through 7 colour options.
There is no alarm function, no input for GPS signal or temperature indication, it is just a beautiful clock!
It is supplied with a micro USB power adaptor (UK only – please ask about other areas).
Case measures 245 x 85 x 23mm, tube height ~50mm and digit height is ~22mm.
Any questions, please ask.


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